CMDB connected and non-connected assets inventory

SIDInet is an R&D solution developed by the TEAMnet team, with the collaboration of the CDTI, which under a CMDB structure allows us to invent all types of connected and non-connected assets while dynamically adjusting to the specific needs of each client, thereby contributing to the increased efficiencies in management and raising the competitiveness of any company.

Unlike other solutions, SIDInet has a self-discovery process, automatically linking and capturing information from various devices for analysis and better decision-making. This makes SIDInet a dynamic and versatile platform for any corporation.

Some of the functions supported by SIDInet are:

  • Dynamic definition of the catalog, as well as the relationship between its elements.
  • Inventory of elements and their interrelationship 
  • Detailed definitions of dimensions and typologies.
  • Explanatory graphs.
  • Integration with BIM models for the creation of Digital Twins.
  • Self-discovery of network elements.
  • OpenHAB allows you to access elements through different protocols.
  • WebApi for integrations.
  • Predefined reports.
  • Report design. 
  • Data export.
  • Storage of information (both changes in the status of the discovered and inventoried elements).

Therefore SIDInet can be applied in the management of different environments, independently or interrelated, such as:

  • Network infrastructure inventory. 
  • Inventory of IT infrastructures.
  • Inventory of communications infrastructure.
  • Inventory and interrelation with IoT components.
  • Inventory of transferable assets.

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