B2B Biller

BILLnet is a multisectoral solution that allows the automation of B2B billing for corporate customers with complex commercial conditions.

This solution allows the following in simple and parameterizable ways:
● Set up customized offers (prices, personalized discounts, quotas, stock, flat rates, discounts, etc.).
● Generate invoices automatically according to set terms and conditions.
● Control billing and rebilling cycles.
● Conduct inventory checklists (both resources and contracted services).
● Analysis of supplies and revenue.

Having the ability to generate digitized, centralized and standardized invoicing in a flexible and aggregated B2B-oriented system allows:

● Adapting the commercial offer to the needs of customers
● Reducing the time to market of our commercial offer, eliminating the limitations of the usual billing systems.
● Having greater additional knowledge about the type of consumption and expenditure of B2B customers.
● Reducing the management cycle and speeding up the recovery of unpaid bills.
● Providing customers with valuable information by converting billing into a differential value generator in the market.
● Improving operational efficiency in the process of generating invoices, thereby eliminating manual labor costs by up to 80%. BILLnet is also often used as a solution for auditing and reviewing invoices received in complex price configurations which can be difficult to control, such as services (safety, cleaning, parcels), raw materials, etc. This can identify billing errors that directly impact our customers’ income statement.

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