Inventory and Asset Management (IoT)

The different industries operating in today’s markets face the challenge of digitization and interconnection in an environment of increasing competition and the need for constant improvement in business management.

As we evolve, there is an increase of connected and unconnected elements to manage: tangible assets (servers, equipment, firewalls, routers, IoT sensors…), intangible (software), third-party services, etc.

This diversity creates difficulties in establishing adequate control over those elements:

  • What elements are available and where are they found?
  • What are the characteristics of these elements?
  • What services are they associated with and what are their uses?
  • What interaction/relationship do they have with other elements?
  • At which moment are they functioning well / in need of a maintenance plan?

Awareness of the need for a service that, in an automated R&D solution, helps to have all these assets properly managed. Therefore, we’ve created SIDInet with the goal to:

  • Avoid loss of costly assets.
  • Identify their underutilization.
  • Control maintenance and possible obsolescence.
  • Avoid spending increases.
  • Collect and analyze information on these elements.

This service, based on the use of SIDInet, can be applied within the management and inventory of different environments, independently or interrelated, such as:

  • Network infrastructure. 
  • IT infrastructure. 
  • Communication infrastructure. 
  • Inventory and interrelated with IoT elements.
  • Transferable and real estate assets.

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