Energy B2B Biller

BEMpower is an R&D solution developed by TEAMnet in collaboration with the CDTI, which, through a CLOUD platform, automates and digitizes the management of energy expenditure (EEM), so that the end customer can, among many other functions:

  • Parametrize agreed commercial conditions, whether at a fixed price, indexed prices, futures, PPA’s, etc.
  • Conduct the telemetry of counters and submeterings
  • Access to consumption files and invoices provided by the traders.
  • Application with the customized commercial conditions of the consumption made.
  • Automatically identify price calculation errors in invoices or errors regarding contracted power or other inventory items.
    • Automatically identify excess power.
    • Automatically identify reactive energy problems.
  • Dissolve the expenditure per cost center.
  • Carry out expenditure simulations, applying new commercial conditions in bidding processes.
  • Forecast generation and budget management, based on consumption data history and forecast future market prices.
  • Automatic identification of possible power settings to maximize savings.
  • Easily generate dashboards, reports, or customized files requested by zones, which optimize the control of the energy expenditure item.

BEMpower is also used by energy traders to generate a differential value to their B2B customers, which allows:

  • Billing consumption at fixed and indexed prices of large customers and to be able to review invoices with customized offers vs. the rigidity of Legacy systems.
  • Invoice sharing with the customer providing necessary explanations and details to avoid problems of claims and defaults.
  • Preparing Bill Review as a complement to the biller.
  • Applying consumption of telemetry production lines (submetering) at the customer’s request.
  • Managing Inventory of contracts, cups and consumer items while giving access to the customer per their request.
  • Performing dynamic and multidimensional analysis of consumption and expenditure, which can be supplemented with data specific to each business (KPI ́s).
  • Managing customer requests or Manage their energy budgets.
  • Comparing different commercial offers to the actual consumption of a period (valid for your competition analysis).

Today we manage more than 25,000 cups and are continuing to grow.

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