VIDEO: Billing as added value

Automated billing increases efficiency in the B2B billing process. Here’s the most interesting and novel part about it. When you work with an expert system such as BILLnet, the aggregation of all relevant information on billing concepts provided by the client, such as consumption, expenses, inventory, cost centers, among many others, allows us to propose the generation of an exclusive differential value in the sector. By the supplier company itself, B2B clients are provided with a self-management portal with business expense management functionalities, which until now were subcontracted to service companies.

The generation of this differential value is carried out by digitizing and making this customized information and special functionalities available to customers. These include:

-Custom dashboards of consumption, expenses and inventory.

-Management of requests, such as registration, cancellations, and activation of services).

-The ability to download and consult customized reports.

-Publication and approval of pre-invoices by the client, to avoid misunderstandings and delays in collection.

-Generating and monitoring of the spending budget​.

-The expenditure and consumption benchmark with regard to the data of your sector.

-And many more.

The telco sector is a clear example of all of these points, because historically, despite large investments in systems, there have been many problems in this type of billing.

Until now, an efficient B2B billing system had not been possible. These complexities are undoubtedly resolved with BILLnet.

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