Your innovative boutique. 20 years of experience in automation, innovation and efficiency.

Your boutique for technological savings.

TEAMnet is composed of highly qualified professionals. Our team has more than twenty years of experience innovating in automation processes, business expenditure management and billing supervision, providing integrative and immediate systems for all operational areas of the company.

Innovation, anticipating the future and offering our customers what others do not, has been a key part of TEAMnet’s DNA since our birth. We have invested in R+D+i by developing our own solutions.

Our solutions in the B2B commercial process allow:

– Definition of a dynamic catalog of products and/or services => ICone module.

– Integration with CRM to manage the identified opportunities => ICone Module

– Generation of personalized offers (CPQ) => ICone Module

– Parameterization in the catalog of the process of provisioning and commissioning of contracted services/products => ICone module

– Integration with the contracted asset inventory module => SIDInet module

– Project management => ICone module

– Incident Management => ICone Module

– Request management => ICone module

– Customized pricing with a multitude of commercial conditions => BILLnet module

– Integration with the ERP to continue with the financial cycle => BILLnet Module

All this with the advice and audit of the CDTI (Government of Spain).

This commitment to innovation, our extensive international experience, as well as the real savings achieved in each project, allow us to apply mainly success rates, which eliminates added costs.

Through automation and digitalization, we cut business expenses and optimize results, achieving, among others, an operational efficiency of 85% in B2B invoicing processes of customized commercial conditions.

Our work with domestic and foreign companies has earned us a high reputation in the market.

The testimonials and loyalty of our clients endorse us.

We are specialized in the automation of invoicing and auditing of special trade conditions