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A correct use of data favors decision making, improves the customer experience and the accounting valuation of assets, which allows knowing the profitability of assets, optimizing processes by being able to make the right decisions for greater profitability.

TEAMnet team has developed SIDInet, a management platform with advanced filters, views and specific reports that allow you to access, regardless of your sector, to all the key information of your inventory quickly and easily in real time, as well as a correct valuation of the stock supplied at any time and for each warehouse. 

Logistics systems that are isolated or inventoried in Excel, i.e. without real-time integration with other execution systems and only useful within a different domain of operation, cannot function in the digital age. 

With it you can know the real stock of all the elements managed within the corresponding module, which will allow you to know the material needs, as well as management; and every time a movement is made from the warehouse, factory or offices from any module, the system automatically updates the real cost of the products. In this way, at all times you can know the updated book value of each of the stored products (both its accumulated depreciation, as well as any accumulated impairment allowance that has been recorded, so that we have the fair market value), as well as the total value of the inventory. Translated with (free version)

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