Telco B2B Biller

BILL4com is an R&D solution developed by TEAMnet and validated by the CDTI, to automate the billing of telecommunications services. It also provides framework agreements with special commercial conditions for large accounts.

Our mission is to replace costly manual labor, which is currently necessary to create customized invoices using generic billing processes, usually designed for B2C billing, with the digitization, centralization and automation of invoicing processes. Our invoices in BILL4com have achieved an operational efficiency of more than 80% in many cases.

BILL4com works in a CLOUD environment to parameterize and bill countless complex commercial conditions, in addition to generating added value with:


  • Concurrent billing of fixed traffic, mobile, data and miscellaneous services.


  • Invoicing of complex conditions affecting several invoices, such as stocks of different traffic or billable concepts, with their consequent overflow.
  • Invoicing of customized conditions different from the standard offer, whether they are discounted to be applied, prices of billable concepts or traffic, grouping countries into specific areas.
    • Ability to self-discover the inventory (lines and services contracted by the same ones) based on invoices from another biller.
    • Ability to integrate with provisioning systems, CRM or CMDBs for inventory updates.
    • Control utilities of consumption and profiles.
    • Importation of service levels to apply invoice penalties.
    • History record of changes.



    • Aggregation and consolidation of invoices of several national or international partner operators.
    • Availability of a billing process with different states, which allows the regeneration of an invoice several times, if needed.
    • Ability to include the streaming of invoices from various sources, whether corporate systems or external vendor files.
    • Ability to include invoice service fees or amortizations from other systems.
    • The ability to generate the standard files of the operators, after the adjustments have been made to the invoices.


    • Generation of customized reports and files, including customized client terminology.
    • Customer access to dashboards.
    • Distribution of expenditure based on customer-driven parameters, such as cost centers or headquarters.
    • Some of the benefits for projects that digitize B2B billing are:
      • A drastic reduction in cost for customized billing.
      • Savings on outsourcing complex invoicing work.
      • Decreased penalties caused by billing errors.
      • Decreased loss of income due to dissatisfied customers.
      • Decreased non-payments due to discrepancies within invoices.
      • Elimination of billing errors.
      • Decreased financing costs of current assets during periods of issuance and collection.


      Clients such as IBERDROLA Telecomunicaciones, ADIF Telecomunicaciones, JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA or VODAFONE have entrusted BILL4com for the following services, among other functions:

      • Manage +2,000,000 lines/services.
      • Process +150,000,000 CDRs per month.
      • Generate and deliver monthly +1,600 customized reports for customers.


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