Energy Expense Management (EEM)

TEAMnet’s group of energy consultants provides services for optimization and savings on energy costs, always based on automation and efficiency provided by our R&D solution, BEMpower.

The range of services is configurable and may include tasks such as:

  • Negotiation of fixed or indexed energy rates.
  • Loading and updating in BEMpower of the agreed commercial conditions.
  • Inventory management of CUPS and consumer items.
  • Automatic identification of billing errors.
  • Expenditure and consumption analysis.
  • Sharing by CECO’s.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Consumer rates on production lines with submeterings.
  • Defining the budget and generating a forecast of consumption and expenses.

 With BEMpower we manage more than 8000 points of supplies, generating in many cases savings of more than 5%, apart from the improved efficiency in managing the expenditure item.

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