Your technology partner for digitizing B2B billing and managing business expenditure

Operational efficiency of 80%
Savings of up to 30% on complex orders

Your innovative boutique. 20 years of experience in automation, innovation and efficiency.

We are specialized in the automation of invoicing and auditing of special trade conditions

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What makes us the best?

Your boutique for savings and technological innovation.
Teamnet has been innovating in control processes, auditing and managing business expenses for more than 20 years. In addition, we offer digitization and the automation of B2B billing, generating differential added value for customers.
Optimizing resources through automation and efficient use of technologies can mean a savings of up to 30% in the overall cost of telecommunications equipment for large and medium- sized enterprises and 85% operational efficiency in custom billing processes.
Our experience and the savings generated in each project allow us to apply accurate rates, eliminating additional costs.
The testimonials and loyalty of our customers say it all.

Our Clients

B2B billing operation and generating customer value

Business Expense Management

Inventory and Asset Management (IOT)

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It’s increasingly necessary for #companies, as the first step of their #strategy and use of #IoT elements and 5G capabilities, to know the situation of

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