Prescriptive maintenance, generator of efficiencies

The cost and impact of asset downtime is an ongoing problem for businesses. When parts break and components fail, productivity too often grinds to a halt.

Technological advances have ushered in a new era in asset management and maintenance with IoT technology.

In the pre-IT era, maintenance issues were typically addressed through preventive or descriptive methodologies. Preventive maintenance relied on operators to schedule regular periods for maintenance checks; while descriptive maintenance focused on aggregating past data to understand the potential for future system failures.

The best way to optimize the performance of a system is to ensure that maintenance is carried out just in time, fixing any faults before they become a problem.

Prescriptive maintenance not only focuses on detecting problems within assets well in advance, but also prescribes the solution to mitigate these types of problems, which eliminates the need for inspections and preventive maintenance because it is monitoring conditions in real time, freeing up human resources. All thanks to advances in IoT technology.

Our SIDInet platform collects all the information to work with this cost and time optimization.

Through its ability to rapidly develop solutions, SIDInet can improve performance across an enterprise’s entire ecosystem.

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