The specialized press puts our sidinet platform as a benchmark for digitization

Do you already have all your company’s assets inventoried on a single platform that can serve all branches of the company? We eliminate systems to facilitate the day-to-day running of the entire company and, with the information we obtain, we can develop the solutions you need quickly, increasing your efficiency. OKDIARIO’s economics and telecommunications editorial staff …

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Prescriptive maintenance, generator of efficiencies

The cost and impact of asset downtime is an ongoing problem for businesses. When parts break and components fail, productivity too often grinds to a halt. Technological advances have ushered in a new era in asset management and maintenance with IoT technology. In the pre-IT era, maintenance issues were typically addressed through preventive or descriptive …

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Responsive solutions

Applications for mobile devices have changed our work agility. At TEAMnet we use multiplatform technologies that allow us to take control simultaneously from all mobile devices. And this, without increasing the cost of the tool. Our applications are tailor-made, just like our solutions.

Selected by financial press

  The digitization and automation of processes can multiply the efficiency of companies. OK DIARIO has dedicated an article to this, choosing TEAMnet as the wright company to do it. The digitization of processes and the implementation of software solutions provide companies with an improvement in costs, service, quality, increased production, as well as a …

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Automatización gestión del gasto empresarial

In financial press

The digital newspaper spoke with our CEO, Javier Cid de Quevedo, about how to generate considerable savings through the automation of different processes. In the interview they addressed really important points for the growth and efficiency of companies. We leave you the interview. THE FULL INTERVIEW

Lider in Telecom Expense Managenet

VIDEO: Advantages of Telecom expense Management

Managing the telecom expenses of your company can mean great savings. TEAMnet is a reference company developing its own software that achieves savings of up to 30%. International companies find it difficult to manage their entire telecommunications infrastructure (what they own, who uses what and how much each of those services costs). Without this information, …

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